Rwanda – a Different Side of Africa

Africa has is one of the popular travel destination, but Rwanda isn’t high up on the bucket list of some wanderlust travellers. Rwanda commonly known as land of a thousand hill is small country found in East African Region. Most people that have travelled to Rwanda will always stand as our witness that indeed Rwanda is on a different side of Africa.

The unwillingness to travel to Rwanda is definitely a thoughtless reaction to the assumption you have about the country. Most people tend to think of Rwanda as one withered by war and genocide, and this was just a little over two decades ago. But once you get a chance to travel to Rwanda, upon stepping out of the plane and into their country, you will be impressed to find that it has greatly recovered from its past tragedies, one step at a time, you will see how safe and peaceful the country is, and the people are even more lovely and welcoming than you could believe.

Going on a Safari, Rwanda-style

When you travel to Africa, don’t miss out a chance to visit Rwanda, the country’s landscape offers a very unique experience for safari fans. You safari experience may be one day ,2 34 or more than that depending on travel schedule, one of the major reasons for travelling to Rwanda is usually to visit the endangered mountain gorillas that reside in the bamboo forests of Volcanoes National Park.

The country’s gorilla safari came to prominence in the ‘80’s because of world-renowned American primatologist Dian Fossey. She was also the author of the book Gorillas in the Mist, which was adapted into a film. Fossey devoted her life to studying Rwanda’s mountain gorillas.

Tracking these rare gentle giants in the lush forests with only less than 700 living today through the misty Virunga Mountains will reward you with the most memorable wildlife experiences ever. You will have a chance to see many gorillas at close range from one of the gorilla groups you will be tracking that day ad these will include the silverback (their leader), mother, sons and a four-month old baby girl.

The logic of getting a good gorilla family is a bit complicated; however the driver or your guide plays a big role in it. The driver picks you up 6:30 am in case you spent a night in Kigali or receives you at the Airport and drive to volcanoes national park. At Speedway Safaris, we ensure that we our visitors gorilla Permit are booked earlier before the tracking dates. Remember to bring your passport, because you’ll need it to register. Then, the drivers will meet and discuss  about the safari pogram. There are only  80 permits  that are issued on a daily basis to track gorilla s and only 8 people are restricted to one of the  10 habituated mountain gorilla families and not all gorilla families are nearby but chances of seeing the mountain gorillas are very high.

There are three different routes to choose from easy, medium, and difficult. They say the most number of gorillas you can see are in the difficult routes, however nothing is guaranteed. Sometimes, the difficult routes get cancelled, and the easy routes become difficult, when the gorillas move far and deep into the forests. Therefore you always granted a chance which route you can manage. Every visit to the gorillas is only limited to an hour, and you don’t want seven other people pushing you around for the perfect spot to take their professional (or serious amateur) photos.

Primate safari and canopy walk.

While magnificent volcanoes surround the Volcanoes National Park in the north, the Nyungwe Forest National Park in southwest Rwanda offers gorgeous views of the rainforest and waterfalls. It is also where chimpanzee trekking, canopy walks are carried out.

There is general much difference between chimpanzee tracking and gorilla racking experience. Chimps hang on trees and move a lot faster. Though it is difficult to track the chimps in the hilly rainforest, the experience is so much more unique than any for gorilla tracking. There is a rare possibility of spotting chimps in a 4×4 game drive in other African countries, but tracking a family of chimps in a rainforest in Rwanda, in their very natural habitat, and seeing how they live, how they associate with each at close range is real something else.

Chasing and getting more close to the chimps is a bit hard which is the opposite to the colobus monkeys. These habituated, black-bodied, white-whiskered, and tail-tipped p monkey are so very friendly, so friendly that you could get up close, touch and feeding them by your personal hands.

If you want to get a feel of what it’s like to “hang out” with the chimps and monkeys as they’re way up high on trees, go for the canopy walkway. It’s the first one of the best is about 165 meters long and 75 meters above the forest floor.


Enjoy the Hike.

There are different types of safaris being offered in Africa, and the most common is the game drives. Unlike the regular game drives on 4x4s, safaris in Rwanda will require you to hike on their hilly landscape. One of the most common places to Hike is the Dian Fossey or Musanze grave where the body of great American Zoologist was laid to rest and her favorite gorilla that was named Digit and the second to this Mount Bisoke hike.

The day usually starts at 6:30 in the morning, so that you can catch the primates eating breakfast. You’ll also be able to see them in their natural habitat, as they move and roam around the forests. There will be trackers locating and staying with the primates, and coordinating with your guide as to where they are.

Porters are available for hire at the starting point to help trekkers get around the steep and sometimes muddy forests. It is very important to be prepared and bring good hiking shoes, and long trousers and gloves for protection against stinging nettles, although you can always rent and borrow.

It is also advised to bring snacks and water for energy and refreshment as some trails are tough, and it can be hot and humid.

Another thing to consider is the elevation. Rwanda’s capital, Kigali, is 1,600 meters high. Most of other countries cities are below that, so you can just imagine how high up it are, and how it can take you to get used to Kigali’s altitude. Match the high altitude with how hilly the city is, so going around will definitely give you a workout. The height of Nyungwe Forest is between 1,600 meters and 2,950 meters, making it manageable. Musanze’s altitude starts at 2,500 meters, therefore during the hike, you might find yourself catching breath and yours ears clogging and popping throughout the trip. Altitude can reach up to 3,500 to 4,500 meters when on the road tracking the mountain gorillas, or hiking in the mountains.

People and of Rwanda and their culture.

Rwanda was one of the safest places compared to all countries in Africa. What is more amazing are the loving people in the country y known as the Rwandese who are very welcoming, hospital  very friendly .You need to prove this, just one of the family or certain village or school and  met children in the villages enter their houses just to say hi to me, locals smiling and replying “maneza”  greet them locally “amakuru”(how are you), and  you will see them welcoming you to their homes/villages  and proudly showing you their traditional practices, such as weaving, beehive making, dancing, banana beer making. This will not only encounter you with an exciting safari experience but also with wonderful memories with the locals.

Rwanda is surely great safari adventures and its colorful cultural identity. The stunning landscapes, the natural wonder of the circle of life, and the fascinating animal encounters take ones breathe every single time. But more than anything, it’s not difficult to fall in love with its rich history, culture, and people. Rwanda is surely very special compared to other safari destinations.

Tips for the Tourist

Entry Requirements:

Rwanda requires a yellow fever certificate for people entering the country, so you will need to get a yellow fever vaccine (at P1, 500).

You can acquire you Visa through online application on however we can help you to acquire our Visa card very fast through our website or

For gorilla permits or chimpanzee trekking permits, accommodation, or any adventure safari, Contact us through the above websites, we shall help you design an itinerary that fits within your estimated budget.