7 Days Wildlife Tours Rwanda

This is a comprehensive itinerary that offers you an opportunity to see most of Rwanda’s fascinating attractions. Upon you’re  arrival ,you have a chance  to explore downtown Kigali as your  taking interesting highlights such as Kandt Museum, the craft shops and the Genocide Memorial Centre. From here, you will set off for Nyungwe Forest National Park. The park is protected forest zone with an overwhelming collection of chimpanzees and several primate species, birds and beautiful thick vegetation.

Day 1. Arrive at Kigali national airport and transfer to the hotel where to spend the night.

Upon your arrival at the airport you will met and warmly welcomed our driver/ guide who will drive you and take you to the hotel where your to spend your night resting as relaxing for next day activities. Overnight at Desmille Collines Hotel, Lemigo Hotel or Flame Tree 

Day 2. Do a city tour and transfer to Nyungwe National Park.

After your morning breakfast, the guide/driver will pick you from the hotel and begin your safari with Kigali city tour that will start with a visit to Kigali’s older commercial quarters, business and residential areas, visit the historical sites the commemorates the 1994 genocide, visit the Gisozi genocide memorial where more than 250,000 who were killed during the genocide were buried return back to the hotel for lunch and after start your route to Nyungwe National Park. While your way to Nyungwe, you may also visit the kings palace in Nyanza that was traditionally constructed to be the kings resident place. Accommodation at Nyungwe Forest Lodge, Nyungwe Top View Lodge  or Gisakura Guest House.

Day 3. Chimpanzee Trekking.

After your early morning breakfast, the guide/driver will lead for a pre-chimps tracking briefing by the park warden and rangers at exactly 8.00 am.after the briefing the guide will lead you into the forest in search of these primates. The joy of spending your time while viewing these chimps interacting with each other is an exhilarating and unforgettable experience .You are  allowed 1 hour observing the collaboration of the chips and you not allowed to use any gesture, using flash cameras and you should stay 7 metres away from them. While tracking gorilla you may also see other primates in the forest such as and the time spent tracking is unpredictable but most likely to take you 2 to 3 hrs./.After the trekking you will break off for lunch and later in the evening you can have an evening canopy walk to Igishigishu trials from where you will get back to your preferred accommodation unit.

Accommodation: Luxury. Nyungwe forest view lodge.

Mid-range/ budget. Nyungwe top view lodge. 

Day 4. Transfer to volcanoes national park.

After the early morning breakfast, you will be transferred to volcano national park and this will take almost  2 to 3 hours  check in to the lodge and have you lunch provided depending on the preferred accommodation unit .relax for a while and the guide will have to drive to visit the Dian Fossey tombs . The visit  to Dian Fossey  is an incredible experience both physically and emotionally.it is so inspiring to learn about someone who dedicated his life and left a legacy  that still exists up to now. After the visit you will drive back to the hotel for dinner and where your to spend the night. Accommodation: Luxury .Mountain gorilla safari lodge

Mid-range. Lebambou

Budget . kinigi guest house.

Day 5. Rwanda Gorilla tracking.

After the early morning breakfast, assemble at the park headquarter at 7:00am for a short briefing about gorilla trekking. Trekking gorilla in volcano national park is one of the most stimulating activities that nobody would ever wish to miss once you have a safari in Rwanda. Trekking the gorilla through a forested slope of volcano national park is an exquisite experience that one may live to remember. Visit one of the habituated groups in the park as assigned .gorilla tracking takes approximately 1 to 8 hrs depending on the movement  of these apes in the natural world  therefore you’re a advised to move with packed lunch .trekking gorillas may  need one to have good level of physical fitness to track them. You may have a chance to spend one observing them while they are interacting though you’re all advised to stay 7 metres away from them. After the trek, you’re to descend back to your hotel for relaxation. Accommodation: Luxury .Mountain gorilla safari lodge

Mid -range. Lebambou Gorilla Lodge

Budget. Kinigi guest house.

Day 6 .Golden monkey tracking.

This morning after your breakfast, you will gather at the headquarters at exactly 7.00 am for short briefing about trekking the golden monkeys. Trekking these little primates in the forested area of Virunga volcanoes is one of the great explorations due to their small number in the forest and they have been referred to as endangered primates because of their limited number within the forest. Spending you time while seeing them as they associate and network with one another will release you from all the fatigue and tiredness you got as you are searching for them. This may take you a full day or half day depending on movement of these primates

Accommodation:  Luxury. Mountain gorilla safari lodge

Mid-range. Lebambou

Budget. Kinigi guest house.

Day 7. visit the Dian Fossey and transfer to the airport.

After the early morning breakfast, the driver will take you to visit the Dian Fossey tombs from where you will get back to hotel for lunch then drive back to the airport for your flight.

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