Kigali Convention Complex to Boost Business in Rwanda

The Kigali Convention Centre is a business complex in the centre of Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda and is the biggest in the country

The centre is situated on Highway KN5, nearby to KG2 Roundabout approximately 6 kilometers or 4 miles to the western side of Kigali International Airport. It is also approximately 7 kilometres east of the neighborhood of Kigali so-called Nyabugogo.

Kigali Convention Centre

Kigali Convention Centre in Rwanda

In 2007, three Rwandan corporate investors jointly put resources together to set up the real estate complex. Under their joint company, the Ultimate Concept Limited, they chose to establish their own business centre.

The Convention Centre has got four major sections and they include:-

(a) A 5-Star Hotel known as Radisson Blu Hotel Kigali. This accommodation facility has got 292 rooms on the property’s 6th floor.

(b) A Conference center that has a seating capacity of about 2,600 guests

(c) The Kigali Information Technology Park. This park measures 32,200 square meters or around 346,598 square feet of office and retail shop space for rent

(d) A museum, found at the bottom ground of the IT office park.  The Centre whose construction began in 2009, was finished in 2016.

The architectural design of the centre that has progressed considerably over the past decade has changed economic environment plus the sprouting prospects of meeting the building planners, operators and the convention attendees.

The Kigali Centre is a vibrant commercial key point attracting large scale symposiums and eventually a wider national attention to Kigali as a city.

Further, the facility aids in speeding up the formation of international business networks and triggers new investment opportunities since it’s a place for exchanging opinions and ideas.  It also presents greater impact in supporting professional business development, educational, research exchange, technical development and cultural development programmes that all spearhead growth in Kigali in particular and Rwanda a country.

Additionally, the convention centre serves as a cash cow in Kigali having the capacity to host thousands of delegates in a single meeting conference room, firming the country’s position in endeavoring to proclaim with success and as an ideal venue for convening assemblies of global nature. Away from providing efficacies, the centre works as a national milestone highlighted with glass frontages, suspended hangings and mood lights ornamented with inimitable color patterns.

Regarding tourism sector improvement in Rwanda, the facility profits the industry by filling hotels, creating bigger attractions’ exposure plus promoting transnational trade. For visitors who do gorilla trekking in Rwanda at the Volcanoes National Park, they go through Kigali, a business hub for Rwanda. In attracting and enabling large scale symposiums, and high-status social and businesses occasions every year, the centre then acts a spine for the country business sector.

Also, it is a benefit for tourists to Kigali as they acquire the finest delight and malleable services outside their longings. Kigali is a city that conveys people together as they feel at ease in doing business with convenience.

In conclusion, Kigali is heading to the superior confederacy of world capitals due to the hard work by the people and government of Rwanda backed a high degree of patriotism and nationalism. Being among the cleanest, olive green, safest plus most beautiful cities in the whole world, Kigali continues to put the country on the international map with convention centre as added asset to the attractive and good-looking Land of a Thousand Hills.

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