Rwanda Air gets first Airbus A330 -200 to its Fleet

Toulouse-the long-awaited national carrier RwandAir has finally arrived. National carrier RwandAir has finally acquired a new airbus 330-200 that has been proudly labeled as “Ubumwe” meaning unity.

The introduction of the new airbus in Rwanda is the first of its kind among all the East African counties. This will support the growth and expansion of RwandAir capacity worldwide, the chief executive John Mirenge, told The News Times in Toulouse, France yesterday.


The New Airbus

The new airbus holds maximum number of 244 passengers and it is expected to land at Kigali international airport at 11 am today carrying more than 80 passenger’s.

The airbus will go a long way in promoting Rwanda tourism industry that the country cherishes so much. Every year, the country gets a lot from the industry especially gorilla tourism.

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is considered an exclusive product and each gorilla permit to a single tourist goes for $750 per person. And the country prides itself in the ability for a guest to do a one-day gorilla tour and fly back home in the evening, which is time-friendly.

The new extensive aircraft is the biggest landmark for Africa’s fastest developing Air Company and this will expose many chances in relations to the increasing airlines impression said John Mirenge the chief executives of RwandAir.

“Rwanda is now ready to contest internationally”,Mirenge said, in addition ,he said that Rwanda airline has been growing at average of 20 percent in the last six years and it is presently locating its self as the most well-organized and consistent airline in the region.

The new aircraft that costs about $250 million (about Rwf 200 billion) has brought the airlines total fleet to nine with additional of four planes that is projected to reach by the end of February next year. The new aircraft is to be deployed on the Dubai route.

rwandaairThe second expected Airbus 330-300 is due for carriage in November. conferring to the flying specialist ,the attainment of these two air craft will expressively upsurge RwandAir capacity  to successfully meet the rising petition and offer excellent service quality for  ever-growing ASIA-China and European passage markets.

Before expanding to Western Europe, RwandAir will soon add Mumbai (India), Harare (Zimbabwe) and Guangzhou in china on its list of destination. Corrin Higgs ,the airbus interior marketing director said that the A330

type of aircraft has an effective consistency of 99.4 per cent and boasts the  productivity for all market segment, thus creating it a perfect tie for RwandAir.

The A330 type of aircraft has an operational reliability of 99.4 per cent and boasts efficiency for all market segments, thus making it a perfect match for RwandAir, Corrin Higgs, the Airbus interior marketing director,



The beautiful Interior of the New Airbus

The deployment of the new aircraft means that the airline can now multiply its flight coverage to both Asia and Europe in the next few years. Hadi Akoum, Airbus’s executive vice-president in charge of sales for Africa, Europe and Asia Pacific, commended RwandAir obligation to carry on compelling the lead in emerging the continent’s flying business.

He again said “we are proud of the visionary leadership of the government of Rwanda and RwandAir effort to contribute to the continents aviation industry.

He added that, “the new aircraft reaffirms the confidence between RwandAir and Airbus that therefore they will continue to stand together with the airline to ensure it comprehends its full potential”.

The producer will correspondingly support in the training of the airlines technical engineers and pilots to ensure efficiency and safety said Akoum.

Jacques Kabale, Rwanda’s ambassador to France, said the aircraft means more effectiveness in relations to movement, which will upsurge connectivity and will link Rwanda to the rest of the world.

A financial line of credit costing about $160 million was signed between RwandAir and southern Africa bank (PTA) to support the purchase of two airliners.

The national carrier effectively improved its certificate for the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) for another two years to stay reasonable. IOSA program me is an worldwide recognized evaluation system planned to

evaluate the effective administration and control systems of airlines. And there is courage that with two wide body aircraft, the airline’s capacity could raise from the current 500,000 passengers annually to more than three million in the next coming five years.

The existence of Rwanda Air is a positive symbol of development for the tiny East African country on the recovery course following the 1994 Genocide that engulfed the country and claimed close to a million lives. Thanks to the good leadership of president Paul Kagame.


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