Why You Should Visit Rwanda


Rwanda is small country found in East Africa which numerous natural wonders that could attract you to visit Rwanda. Rwanda is a home to the endangered mountain gorillas found at the Volcanoes National Park where gorilla trekking is the major tourist activity. It’s difficult not to enjoy an exciting and adventurous safari you’ve always dreamed about in your life. Rwanda, well-known as ‘land of thousand hills’ is an perfectly good-looking country; branded by attractive savannah, rolling hills and deep valleys, plentiful wildlife and regular aesthetics. Its capital city is attractive and so lovely, very clean and organized with many sights and delights.

Most people have less knowledge about Rwanda; they only know it as one of the under-developed African countries that have nothing to offer which is a total myth. If you want to discharge your regular drudgery, you should maybe visit Rwanda and experience adrenaline propelling adventures and see fascinating wonder that Rwanda holds rather than visiting any of the country in the world that I believe it is less nature gifted than Rwanda.

Instead of scheduling to visit other countries such as United States, Europe or Canada, bring attention to your adventurous part and have you holiday in Rwanda. The East African country’s attractiveness is inestimable and has so numerous belongings to offer to any visitor, from severe safaris such as gorilla tracking, golden monkey tracking, chimpanzee tracking to lake or beach adventures for relaxation game drives, boat cruises, nature walks, cultural encounter birding, canopy walks, city tour and very many others. You may still be doubting about all the above, just sit and  think of booking safari with us, from here you will get to know that Rwanda is the perfect country to have a wonderful memorable safari that is  beyond expectation .Therefor here are reason why you would make Rwanda number one choice country to visit.

How to get to Rwanda.

By air.

Receiving a Rwanda visa is simple. Visa is issued on arrival for $50. You can also fly using Air Rwanda, the national transporter of Rwanda, the cheapest and fastest airline that wings to Rwanda. Visas and passports are compulsory by all people of Rwanda apart from the citizens of the US, Germany and France. The finest place to apply for a visa is in one of the bordering East Africa countries where they can be obtained at roughly US$ 35 for a period of ninety days and are also give out at the Rwandan border where a 15 day transfer visa costs approximately US$ 25 and takes only about 10 minutes to get delivered. Visas for both transit and tourist can be protracted in the Kigali city. Postponements take one or two days and costs US$ 15 for a period of about three months.

By road.

Visitor who would wish to come to Rwanda can enter the country from any one of the transnational boarder junctions between Rwanda to any neighboring country such as Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and democratic republic of Congo. You will go for police checkups at all boarder and present all the necessary documents that may be required such as, valid Passport National identity Card, specify the purpose for the visit and number of days you will be there.

About safety.

Security is precedence for most tourists, and Rwanda is one of the harmless countries not only in Africa but in the whole world.  Around 2015, the Rwanda was rated as fifth globally and first on the continent in keeping law and order which shows how safe the country is. People feel walking home at night fearing no harm .Violent criminality is close unreal, and the terrorist intimidation that have overwhelmed other East African endpoints have not exaggerated Rwanda.

Climate of Rwanda.

Rwanda has a cool moderate climate with two separate rainy seasons the first beginning in February to April and the second one occurring between Novembers to January at the end of every year. The mountain regions have cooler mid winters with coldness and occasionally snowstorm in the higher ranges. Regular temperatures are modest with daytime temperatures varying from 25-30º Celsius.

Best times to visit Rwanda.

Rwanda can be visited all the year through although the finest time to come to Rwanda is from June till the opening of September as the dry season in the year. In the rainy season between December, March and April, driving through tropical forest to watch the animals becomes risky as many of the roads become inaccessible. There have this in mind as your planning to book your safari with us.

Best attractions or major reasons why you would visit Rwanda.
Volcanoes National Park

Rwanda is one of only three countries in the world where you can see about 880 remaining mountain gorillas in the whole world, and watching down one of mankind’s nearby relation in its natural well being is an experience we don’t think you’ll easily forget. These are found volcanoes are sheltered with bamboo grasslands and tropical forest. The park landscape frequently consists of, lakes, swamps marshes, grasslands, meadows, and rainforests and lower tropical forests. The flora and fauna in the Volcanoes National Park attracts you with famous endangered mountain gorillas, Golden Monkey, Spotted Hyena Bushbuck, and Buffalo and very many others.

Book with us a gorilla trekking   safari that I believe will grant you with most amazing memorable, exciting wildlife experience in your entire life. These gentle giants can also be found Uganda (Bwindi impenetrable forest as well as in the Virunga national park in Democratic republic of Congo.

Nyungwe Forest Lodge

Nyungwe Forest fascinates tourists with its great attentiveness of primates such as Chimpanzees and Colobus monkeys. With frequent wildlife and magnetisms dispersed around the forest, Nyungwe National Park is a residence to be. Recognized for its natural attractiveness and various scenery, the park brags widespread diversity of exhilarating tour activities among which consists of exploration; luxury lodges and plentiful wildlife species.

Rwanda has got all for your adventurous safari. Expect to enjoy striking, interesting history and culture, beach and lakeside magnetisms, astonishing developments, sparkling nightlife and friendly people. These reasons should express to you that Rwanda is truly a great destination, appropriate for your holiday.

Akagera National Park

This is home to most of the wildlife that can be found in Rwanda such as lions, buffaloes, bush babies, Jackson’s heartbeats, and water animals such as hippo with numerous different species of birds. Akagera national park has got interesting activities that will make your safari a brighter such game drives where you have a chance to see a number of animals, boat cruises on Lake Ihema as this will help you relax you mind as you enjoy the cool breath from the nature waters and spotting out water animals and others that would have to take water or swim, you also have a chance to see birds such as the rare shoebill that are found on the shores of the lake.

Rwanda has it all to make your safari unforgotful one. Come and witness the gifted nature with amazing beautiful sceneries of Akagera national park, during the game drives,boatcruises,nature walks or anything else ,this will encounter a lovely attractive sceneries of Rwanda.

Attractive lakes in Rwanda.

Lake Kivu.

Rwanda has tranquility attractive lakes with cool waters and natural decor. The country is absolutely a excessive advert for a releasing lakeside evacuation. The splendid sanctuaries and fashionable luxury at Rwanda lake shores are wonderful. Lakeside exits will unquestionably relax your pace because the lakes overflow with nonviolent scenery. While on lake kivu, expect to enjoy the bout cruise on the lake, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the surrounding highlands near the lake, you can spend your time as your relaxing and chilling at the beach or the swimming pool. The place has got the best luxurious hotels that will make you forget about your home, come and have a great vacation at Lake Kivu as you make your safari bookings with us. A vacation in Rwanda will surely renew your body, soul and mind.

The twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo.

These are Situated at the foothills of volcano Muhabura, enclosed by precipitous mountains with Virunga volcanic mountains in the background, Lake Burera and Ruhondo  are the one of the attractive lakes of Rwanda that mostly visited by tourists after strenuous activities such as gorilla tracking. The gorgeousness of these two lakes is hard to watch. The closeness in a twin like structures will offer you with beautiful scenery that you will live to remember.

Kigali city.

Discover Kigali’s sceneries, which disclose the rolling loveliness of the city. Rwanda is identical with highlands and attractive settings, famous for its beautiful national parks, historical and traditional magnetisms. Kigali suggests much more, from fabulous construction, museums, shopping, wonderful restaurants and hotels, to well-designed cookery and welcoming people.

Along the  city tour, tourists will visit Kigali’s older commercial “quarters”, business and inhabited areas such as the presidential palace, visit significant places memorializing the 1994  Genocide Memorial, have  a guide visit Gisozi Genocide Memorial, and learn about the city’s different localities and indigenous magnetism.

Continue with your tour while visiting local and international restaurants ranging from Chinese,   Italian, North African, East African, bars and coffee shops. Thai and Greek cuisine can be found around the city. Rest-bars are a favorite among Kigali’s residents as tourists enjoy a pleasant banquet timely on and keep around to enjoy the music and drinks afterwards. Kigali’s growing nightlife is sure to entertain any visitor to the city

Once you come to Rwanda, endeavor to  come out of your comfort areas and move around to have memorable Rwanda culture experience. The Rwandans are sociable, friendly and welcoming; their generosity is known to whoever comes to Rwanda. The kindness and sociability of the people and their enthusiasm to help you in any way is such amazing Friendly people.

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